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Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Salt-Free Water Conditioners

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Combination Salt-Free Water Conditioner + Whole House Filtration System

The GREEN-X H2O SYSTEM is the only salt-free scale prevention system utilizes the NaturalSof Catalytic Core Conditioning device along with 6 stages of filtration.  The NaturalSof Catalytic Core Module significantly decreases the harsh effects of hard water scale in your home.
Are you looking for a whole house water treatment system that addresses all of the issues associated with municipal water supplies and at the same time requires No Salt and No Ongoing Maintenance or Expense. The GREEN-X H2O SYSTEM incorporates the NaturalSof - No-Salt - Hard Water Scale Prevention Module that safely converts calcium carbonate [hard water mineral] into a harmless mineral called aragonite. [See Video Demo Below]. The NaturalSof Scale Prevention Device is a proven technology for hard water scale prevention that has been around for decades in a multitude of applications. Our customer satisfaction rate with this technology is 100% - far better than other salt-free technologies we have tried in the past.


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