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Clack i5 Water Softener - Residential - 10x54 Tank [1.5 cf]

Clack i5 Water Softener - Residential - 10x54 Tank [1.5 cf]

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Tank Cover

Clack i5 Water Softener 

Standard Features Include:

Clack WS1 Valve - Upgraded to i5 Powerhead

1.0 cubic ft - 10% Cross-Linked Resin w/Gravel Underbed.

3/4" Distributor Tube - Lower & Upper Screen.

15" x 17" x 36" Black - Rectangular Molded Brine Tank. 

System Highlights

  • Control Valve - The Clack i5 Digital Control Valve - This is based upon the very popular and proven performance of the Clack WS1 valve but with multiple upgrades including enhanced "user friendly" programming, salt level indicator, data collection, leak detector, larger & illuminated LED display, animated meter turbine indicator, company contact info and more.
  • 10% Cross-Linked Softening Resin - High Quality - Name Brand 10% Chlorine Tolerant Resin Beads. Most cation exchange is 8% cross linked. 10% cross linked resin simply has a longer life and is more chemical and chlorine resistant.
  • High Efficiency Salt Usage & Drain Discharge during Regeneration. Approx 10 lbs of salt consumption per regeneration [approx 20 lbs per month - 1/2 bag - for households of 4 persons] this means a full salt tank could last up to 10 months before it is depleted. Drain water discharge is approx 25 gallons per regeneration and you can expect qty 2 - regenerations per month on average.
  • 200 lb Capacity Elegant Molded Salt Tank & Oveflow Prevention Float Assembly. 
  • EZ Turn Bypass Knobs - Allows you to take system offline, if needed, while keeping water on to the house.

System Description

Eliminates scale build-up in your plumbing system.
Eliminates scale deposits on household surfaces and plumbing fixtures.
Extends the life of water-using appliances [water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.
Extends the life of clothing, linens, etc. - plus keeps fabric colors more vibrant.
Skin is smoother and hair is fuller and more manageable.
Reduces soap and cleaning product usage by up to 70%.
Provides spot-free water for window rinsing and car rinsing.
Saves you $$$ in the long-run buy increasing the life of water-using appliances, fixtures and fabric - It's truly an investment and not an expense

 Options Include:

  • Decorative Tank Cover - Also protects tank from UV rays if located outside - see dropdown list for color & finish options.
  • 200 lb capacity elegant molded salt tank & overflow prevention float assembly - see dropdown list for color options. 
  • EZ Turn Bypass Knobs - Allows you to take the system offline, if needed, while keeping water on to the house.
  • Your choice of plumbing connectors - see dropdown list for size & type options.


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